CMJ Band of the Day: Headless Horseman
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    You won't wanna miss Headless Horseman at our upcoming CMJ showcase. Undecipherable by nature, the duo of Conner O'Neill and Fareed Sajan embody spooky narratives. The pop surrealists aim to texture each layer of sound with something new and unexpected, anywhere from industrialized glitch, blissful fuzz, and delicate ambiance, as if their haunted shadows floated upward into church rafters. The songs mew, shiver, echo, and feel both joyously alive and sedated. Fans of Broken Social Scene's quieter endeavors and the beloved but deceased The Unicorns will be at home in this dreamlike disposition. Their debut LP is slated for release in January, but for now, sample the treats below.

    These recorded tunes showcase how strikingly unique and beautiful Headless Horseman can be. "Swansong" gently unearths a reverb-y pitch-shifting nod to CocoRosie. "SH8KER" is a hybrid creation of crunchy folk and chilled down glitch atop of a blanket of hospital bed blips. "Demonsong" shakes organically with drum waves crashing and a shimmering surf-fi guitar jolt. Check them all out below.

    Baeblemusic Presents
    The Launch Pad
    Spike Hill, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    Steps from the L Stop on Bedford Ave
    1PM - 2AM, Doors at Noon
    $4 Beers

    RSVP for the event over at Eventbrite and Facebook.

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