what happened this weekend?
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2010

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    The long holiday weekend gave way to a few announcements, including a Phil Spector movie, a Tron delay, and my cousin's new sexual orientation (kidding!). Bruno Mars was on SNL! Videos!

    Al Pacino is going to play Phil Spector.

    Via the NYT: "It's not quite a monster movie, but it has some of the same elements: an outsize character, a mysterious death, plenty of metaphor for mankind's destruction. And lots and lots of excessively teased hair." Although Pacino has shot many people in his career, I don't think any of them were woman, so the potential for meta humor here is thwarted!

    The Daft Punk Tron soundtrack will be released 12/7.

    Kind of a small bummer, bumping it back from it's two-week prior planned release of 11/22, but whatevs. Still super excited. Listen to the new teaser, via Pitchfork:

    Outlook: digi-cool.

    Bruno Mars on SNL.

    Pretty much Cocaine killed it.

    Oh yeah, and the new Kanye GOOD Friday track, starring the super-group Child Rebel Soldier (Ye, Lupe Fiasco, and Pharrell Williams): dope as usual. -joe puglisi

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