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    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2010

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    Your late night TV watching schedule, removed a day due to Columbus moving into our office and giving ownership to Spain. It's cool everyone, we got it back by blackmailing him with his Facebook photos. #anachronisticjokes

    TUESDAY (10/12): My Morning Jacket (The Late Show With David Letterman)
    Everest (The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon)
    Broken Bells (Last Call With Carson Daly)

    Everest is a great up-and-comer, don't miss their set on the typically trend-setting Late Night stage. And later, Carson has been doing some cool stuff, roping in sets from other locales, Baeble style. Keep an eye on his niftier choices.

    WEDNESDAY (10/13): MIA (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)
    Mark Ronson (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
    My Morning Jacket (The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon)

    I hope MIA and Leno blow each other up. With nukes.

    THURSDAY (10/14): Damian Marley and Nas (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
    Nick Hornby and Ben Folds (The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon)

    Boys choice: old act that has already made the rounds a few times, or new act that may or may not be some sort of spoken word hybrid.

    FRIDAY (10/15): John Legend (The Tonight Show With Jay Leno)

    He is always spot on. His recent collab with The Roots, Wake Up, is pretty boss as well (more on that in the album reviews this week).

    Television may be the opiate of the masses, but it does entertain and inform, and it's way better than playing GTA to beat up prostitutes, so let's watch! -joe puglisi

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