late night: the xx
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2010

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    The xx, winners of this year's Mercury Prize, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to perform their song "Crystalised." They appeared as a trio (keyboardist and guitarist Baria Quireshi departed last year) sounding sparser than ever — I didn't think it possible, but whatever, I digress. Their performance was typically low-key, introspective and moodily lit.

    The xx's future plans as a band are currently obscure, but producer Jamie Smith (or Jamie xx, as he's become known unofficially) has been putting out remixes and debuted a solo single on BBC's X-Posure with John Kennedy radio show. He does, however, stress that this is a one-off doesn't signal a split from the band. The xx's Mercury Pize winning debut album xx is available for purchase anywhere music is sold if you don't already have a copy; for those looking for a handout, there is a free MP3 to be had for those who sign up for the xx's mailing list on their website. -peter menniti

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