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    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2009

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    CMJ will be full of parties, so let us tell you about the cool ones. Like, for example, the Arts & Crafts one! Unfortunately there will be no braiding of lanyards or glued macaroni pictures (but maybe there will be).

    Arts & Crafts continually brings us the finest and most shimmery pop outfits from Canada, including Gentlemen Reg and Los Campesinos! (both Baeble favorites). Now the northern label is planning an evening of new music at Brooklyn's Union Pool and we're angling it is going to be good listenings. Check out the lineup and clickthrough for Myspace previews:

    The showcase starts at 8 PM with a set from Rubik at Union Pool, 484 Union Ave in Brooklyn. Bring your hot glue guns. -joe puglisi

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