Album Review: Tunng:: Good Arrows::: Thrill Jockey
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2007

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    For those down with songwriting, the dance floor thump of modern electronic music has rarely offered much of a haven to seek solace in…though assimilation with more traditional elements over the last few years is certainly doing its’ part to help champion converts. Genre benders like Beta Band, Books, LCD Soundsystem, and Hot Chip have all come of age with honest to god folk tucked away somewhere near the central nervous systems of their bodies of work. Now tack East London’s Tunng on to this collection of notable exceptions. A four-years and counting collaboration between electronic guru Mike Lindsay and his singer/songwriting cohort Sam Genders, the duo has sprouted a few more members, and recently released their third proper album for those fine, fifteenth anniversary celebrators over at Thrill Jockey. Not to take a piss on the party, but unfortunately Good Arrows ultimately reveals there are better ways to commemorate such a storied franchise of recordings than with this album. Keep Reading - David Pitz

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    MP3: Tunng:: “Bricks” Good Arrows
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