Joss Stone is circling the globe for Peace Love and Music
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    For her entire life, Joss Stone wielded her powerful, soulful voice to make remarkable achievements. At just 16 years old She released a multi-platinum album. Then she released another one. She sold 14 million albums worldwide. She won two brit awards, and then a Grammy award… And then she fell off the map.

    Or at least that's what we all thought. As it turns out, she's actually been all over the map.

    Joss Stone, in a seemingly self-funded bid travel the world, has embarked on, in her words, a "Total World Tour." Conceived because so many artists' world tours only cover a small corner of the globe, Stone decided that if she was going to go on a world tour, she was going to do it properly. Her goal is to play a gig in every country in the world. It's an honestly interesting project, featuring talented artists from across the globe, a myriad of languages, and stunning locations. And it's gotten almost no attention, and even less press. And yet Stone just quietly continues to release video after video. So far, she's gone to over 150 countries.

    At its inception, the project was something very different. While talking to various travel blogs, Stone revealed that she was still uncertain about whether or not she wanted to focus on collaboration with local artists- she now features them in each of her videos. We're so glad she made the switch- she's featured in her videos some incredibly talented musicians from across the world.

    It could be said that there's something self-aggrandizing about Stone inserting herself in the middle of these cultures, stumbling over lyrics written in foreign languages. But she does an excellent job of pushing local musicians to the forefront. She performs songs written by her guests and asks them about the meaning behind the song. Her powerhouse voice barely makes an appearance- instead she relegates herself to background vocals and lets the locals shine.

    Stone has been slowly chipping away at this project for the last 3 years, and with only around 40 countries left to go, she's probably getting pretty excited to complete her goal. It's clearly been a long journey- hell, just look at how many times her hair has changed. And all the while, she's celebrated sounds from all over the world. Importantly, she also tries to help in a more substantial way, with her foundation looking to donate to more than 200 charities (according to her website) as she traverses the globe.

    So, if you were wondering where Joss Stone had gone off to, I suppose the answer is ‘everywhere.'

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