BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: The Storm by Bronze Radio Return
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    Bronze Radio Return's name is a reference to the old radio that front man Chris Henderson listened to as a boy. It recalls the band's vintage inspiration, and it's a perfect fit for their indie-folk sound. But a bronze radio is also precisely how their music should be listened to. It should crackle out of an old radio sitting on a windowsill, as fat flakes of snow stick to the other side of the glass.

    At least, that's the image that pops vividly into my head as I listen to their newest song, "The Storm." It just deserves a cozy blanket. And a crackling fireplace. And, well, a storm.

    The band's vocalist Chris Henderson says - "The Storm" comes from a moment when you recognize the chaos coming your way and brace for impact. You keep your head down, do what you have to do and in the end, maybe you feel ready for it when it comes back around."

    True to BRR's sound, "The Storm" is timeless, but innovative. The band skillfully plays with their evolving pop influence, mixing it with their indie roots to create something as catchy as it is feel-good. So as you're packing away your jean shorts and dragging out your chunky sweaters, comfort yourself by listening to this song. Because it's almost enough to get you excited for winter.

    …Almost. Because it's pretty hard to accept that festival season is slipping away. And to prove that they're they can tear up any season, Bronze Radio Return tore up the Baeble Bounce house in 2016:

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