WTF WEEKLY: Princess Nokia Throws Soup At Racist Subway Man + MORE
    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    1. Princess Nokia threw a cup of hot soup at a racist man on the subway.

    A pretty shocking video of a man calling out racial slurs on the L train in New York City recently surfaced on the internet (looks like someone was trying to compete with Harvey Weinstein to see who can be the bigger asshole! Too soon?). As the man, who claimed to have graduated from NYU Law (ah yes, now he can say whatever he wants), continued to shout out super racist things, the people of NYC decided they weren't going to take his bullshit. So they started physically pushing him out of the train. One specific person in the clip is seen throwing a cup of soup at the man, and Princess Nokia came forward as being that soup-throwing person on Twitter, which her reps then confirmed. All I wanna know is that reeeaalllyy soup, or is it mustard? ‘Cause that liquid is yellow AF!

    2. Aaron Carter is finally seeing the light!!!

    After getting some help - some real help, not just some fake doctors on a TV show - Aaron Carter is finally starting to look somewhat healthy. He checked himself out of rehab just after two weeks which is a tad alarming, but then he proudly Instagrammed a photo of his 30 pound weight gain - suddenly I feel like I can rest!

    Well, now he looks more like Jack Black when he rocked the frosted tips, but as long as Aaron's healthy, I'm sure he's happy. Remember when he said the extreme weight loss was caused by a hiatal hernia? Me thinks that's not true, since he seemed to gain it back seamlessly after checking into rehab.

    Now he's cooking burgers with children!

    Cooking with this little one

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    And doing this! Is he trying to catch fish or something? I have no idea! #WTF

    Still learning these waters 100 Pound Cast Net

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    3. Taylor Swift is launching her very own social media platform.

    Ah, so that's probably why T Swift has been so silent on social media - because she wants everyone to start using her own! Of course, what a Taylor move - to make everything about her so much that she has to redirect everyone right to her own platform. We already have Taylor Swift Now on DirecTV, do we need more? Do we really want to connect that much with Taylor? I'm afraid if we connect too much she's going to send a bunch of snakes to pop out through my phone screen and eat me alive. There's no set release date yet, but it should be live by late 2017.

    The trailer for the platform was recently released, and it features another signature fake DIY self-filmed cringeworthy video from ya girl:

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