GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Teenage Punk Band The Regrettes Go Over Their Favorite Instruments
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    When I first listened to LA teenage punk outfit The Regrettes, I thought, "Sweet, we've got a another awesome punk band on our hands," but the last thing I would have ever thought was that they were just fifteen years old. Lead singer, Lydia Night, sings honest lyrics like, "I've got pimples on my face and grease in my hair / And prickly legs, go ahead and stare," in the song "A Living Human Girl." Unafraid to be confrontational? Most definitely. Who would've thought that a teenage girl would have the IDGAF attitude of a woman who has seen enough of life to no longer give a shit? Apparently, these gals (and guy) are well beyond their age, writing Courtney Barnett-inspired songs filled with angst and outspoken opinions. Something that a lot of people are too scared to write about. Not only are they bad-ass lyrically, but the sound of their crunchy guitars and clashing drums also emit a sense of rebellion. After getting a flash of their skills, we decided to go behind the making of it all and boil it down to the technical aspect of each member's favorite instruments.

    Lydia Night's favorite piece of gear, "My 56' fender duo-sonic. It's pretty small which I love and has a sound like nothing else! It's named 'Cash Cash' because it's this really pretty gold color that reminds me of spare change, haha."


    Bassist Sage Nicole on her favorite instrument, "I love all of my gear so much, but my true baby at this time in my life (and probably forever) is my Rickenbacker bass. She's the 4003 walnut edition and she's a beauty to play and look at. I named her 'Scarlett' because I name all of my basses for the pure fact that I love them as if they were my daughters or friends. I feel like a Rickenbacker is such a classic punk rock bass but they can transcend any type of music and make every song sound good. It's hard to make a Rickenbacker sound bad is what I'm trying to say... So 'Scarlett' really makes my job easy. I highly recommend every bass player should invest in a Rickenbacker once in their lifetime."

    "I also do use one pedal for most of our songs when we play live, and that's the Fulltone MOSFET Bass Drive pedal. It adds a little bit of a grungy-kick to the tone and gives my bass the power to stand out with the loudness of two distorted guitars and a kick-ass drummer."


    Guitarist Genessa Gariano on her favorite piece of gear, "My Matchless Chieftain amp. Gear is like an extension of my personality, so the Matchless' versatility is awesome. This amp is not only a sick-ass maroon-purple color, but it also cleans up and dirties down like none other. It can be the perfect amp for tele twang but I can also bump up the drive and it gives a controllable crunch that I've never been able to achieve with any other amp. With or without pedals, I can get the sound I need."


    And last but not least, Drummer Maxx Morando's favorite, "My Ludwig 1970's Acrolite Snare Drum. I love my Acrolite snare! For the price, you get so much use and tone with it. I love the way it sounds, and would definitely buy another once the one I have is no more."


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