A Night Of Hand Drum Throwing And Smoke Machines: Autograf and Goldroom at Terminal 5
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Autograf and Goldroom are making their way across North America on a co-headlining show and on Friday night, they made a pit-stop at NYCs Terminal 5 to grace us with a funky performance full of live instruments. I've been to Terminal 5 quite a lot over the last few months but it was a completely different vibe at this show. Both the second and third level of the venue were shut down for VIP-only and it was so roomy that it almost felt like a private show.

    What makes Autograf and Goldroom so unique is that they're some of the few EDM artists that put on a completely live performance, including instruments like vibraphones and bongo drums. Autograf started off the night with their newest single, "Future Sauce," which was released a couple days before the show. It's a song that's full of intense piano melodies and funky riffs that weave in and out throughout the track. There were instruments set-up all over the stage - a couple of drum sets, a bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, mixers - and the Chicago-based trio owned each one throughout the set.


    The fog machines were blasting and the stage had a backdrop of white flashing lights that were set-up in a zigzag pattern with red and yellow lights that provided the perfect atmosphere for their performance. At one point in the set, Autograf was going a little too hard and broke a hole in the hand drum then tossed it into the crowd (I crossed paths with the lucky group who caught the hand drum after the set and took a quick iPhone photo). During "Metaphysical," Autograf brought out vocalist Janelle Kroll, which got the whole crowd dancing. Autograf weaved through their EP, Future Soup, with the title track being a huge highlight of the set.

    Massachusetts-native artist, Josh Legg aka Goldroom, took the stage following Autograf and had a full band to accompany him. Goldroom opened up the set with "Teenage Waste" from Goldroom's debut, full-length album, West Of The West, that was released last month. As Goldroom weaved through the rest of the album, he'd throw in some of his older work, one being "Fifteen," which was a crowd favorite of the set.

    There were plenty of highlights throughout Goldroom's set - one being his vocalist, Nikki Segal, who sang on most of the tracks. She has such a powerful voice that was extremely easy to listen to. During "Embrace," Goldroom lowered the music to hear the crowd sing the chorus as one. It was followed by "Lying To You," where the strobes were turned to the disco ball and Goldroom went on the mic to tell everyone to turn on their cell phones to fill the room with sparkling lights.

    There aren't many EDM artists that perform a live set with instruments, especially when the number of instruments is double the number of members on stage. Autograf and Goldroom are both forces to be reckoned with and Friday night was incredibly impressive - to say the least.

    Here's the lucky group that caught Autograf's hand drum.


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