CMJ Band of the Day: Emil and Friends
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2011

    • Posted by: Gabby Green

    We are excited to announce that Emil & Friends will perform at The Launch Pad! Emil & Friends, who formerly just went by the title 'Emile', just released their first full-length album, Lo and Behold. Emil & Friends have mastered a style of music that generates cascading vocals, shimmering plucks of nylon strings, and buoyant synths. Low and Behold debuted through Cantora Records and was given additional production from Passion Pit's Ayad, Jake Aron, and Mike MacAllister.

    The twenty-three year old Boston boy Emil will have festival goers quickly dancing with his poppy electro sound. Fans who enjoyed their previous singles are sure to enjoy energetic numbers such as "Prescriptions," "Endless Waves," and the flute-filled "Rain Check." The live show will not disappoint, as these songs feel made for the stage.

    RSVP for the event over at Eventbrite and Facebook.

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