Jay Som Has An Adorable Dog and Also a New Video
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    In the video for her breakout track "The Bus Song," Jay Som, aka Melina Duterte, pursues the noblest love of all: the love of a dog. It's a feel-good video; along with shots of the Oakland's canine population, there are scenic shots of Bay Area landmarks drenched in sunshine, and a parade of young, hip musicians smiling and playing an eclectic variety of instruments. The director of the video, Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast and also a friend and past tour-mate of Duterte, says:

    "It was important to me to really try to showcase Melina's infectious charm and sense of humor. There is something just so lovable about her, it was great to try to capture her in her element, surrounded by her friends. The video feels like a love letter to the bay area."

    Residents of the Bay Area may recognize the hills overlooking the water that Jay Som, along with friends from bands like Plush, Future Shapes, and No Vacation climb in a joyful parade, instruments in hand. Though the subject matter of "The Bus Song" appears to be about a failing relationship and about a love of public transportation (or a childlike wonder that drive two people apart) the video is more of a romp around San Francisco and Oakland, with some really great shots of some 11/10 good dogs.

    We don't know whether or not the house where the video partly takes place is Jay Som's, but if it is, then 1. she has an amazing kitchen and an adorable sheepdog and 2. She can invite me over any time. I'll take the bus there.

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