Out And About: Betty Who At Irving Plaza
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    A day after dropping her new album, Take Me When You Go, Betty Who was at Irving Plaza to play to a sold-out crowd who were buzzing in anticipation for the Australian pop-star to take the stage.

    It's quite possible Betty Who has the best fans around. The crowd was made up of girls and gays, which translated to an insane dance party sing-a-long. A testament to her popularity was seeing a couple homemade signs pop up in the crowd...something often only seen at a show geared toward tweens.

    There's no doubt Betty Who has got the "it" factor and couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity. A sold out Irving Plaza was a big fucking deal, considering she let everyone know that less than a year ago, a large crowd for her was 75 people at a small Lower East Side venue.

    Betty bounded on-stage in a black pleated skirt, silver sports bra style crop top, motorcycle jacket, and sneakers, which was the perfect outfit for her bippity bopping around the stage and impulsive karate kicks.

    Her music sparkled as she knelt down to take the hands of fans in the front row and sing to them, and held the mic out for venue wide participation.

    The momentum is there, the fan base is loyal, and there's no doubt the only way for Betty to go is up.

    Photo Credit: Nick Karp Photography

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