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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2008

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    In a vast sea of female lead indie rock bands, School of Seven Bells set themselves apart from the rest of the Feist doppelgangers with an unwavering duet of bright, intelligent, and harmonious pop. The stylings of twin vocalists Alejandra and Claudia Deheza never step over one another rather, we're treated to a synchronized vocal dance, with each voice weaving in and out of each other's way with an almost telekinetic precision that only twin-ship would be able to afford.

    The band's full-length debut, Alpinisms, transposes the twins' vocal harmonies against computerized glitch, grime, and wedding bells. The result is an industrialized pop record with a touch of New York City soul. The opening track, "Lamundernodisguise", sounds like a futuristic eulogy sung in an antiquated gothic cathedral, while tracks like "Conjurr" and "Half Asleep" lull you into their daydream inducing namesakes over flying rhythms that sound like you're racing over golden wheat fields.

    Alpinisms is a strong showing from School of Seven Bells, however, it falls into the all too familiar first full length trap of having too many tracks sound like lesser versions of one another. Nonetheless, Alpinisms is a very listenable full length perfect for chilly autumn evenings, escapist literature, and coffee shops. - chris gayomali

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