The Dead Weather Dodge and Burn
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2015

    • Posted by: Max Stalker-Wilde

    Dead Weather's Dodge and Burn is a riveting adventure through rock and roll. Heaven knows we can count on this band to produce solid and exciting music. At a certain point you can almost hear how confident the band is that they kick ass, and given what kind of machismo drenched rock they make, that attitude is essential. "Rough Detective" is a new take on an inexplicably timeless rock tradition of telling stories about detectives, and the Beck-ish, Gorillaz-ish sounding addition of totally electronic nonsense noises during the breakdown beautifully walks the line between artsy and gimmicky. The narratives are always pacing; the vocal performances are raw, powerful, meaningful and hard hitting. It's especially noticeable on "Mile Markers", where it often switches between a bitter hard hitting tone and beautiful breathy things singing. This kind of music is really immortal.

    There will never not be be film kids imagining and hopefully some day really creating amazing violent destructive scenes with these songs to thank for their accompaniment and inspiration. While the lyrics probably aren't profound or even far from comical, these lyrics are intended to be what they are...which is more or less, barks. This is what makes rock and roll music so immortal and vital to not just music but art. It's primal; it's in control but it's loud and frantic. It lashes out and beats you up until you laugh and ask for more. "Cop And Go" has a guitar riff that screams obscenities rock and roll always has and will.

    What really can set this record apart from your standard heavy hitting always loud and tight four piece rock group is the subtleties and nuances in the musical performances on every count. There are sections of piano playing on "Cop And Go" that are really breathtaking, It could have been a part of a movie score or something but it fits into this fast paced hard rock so well that you hardly notice it. All it really does is build your anticipation for the band to come back. The album's closer "Impossible Winner" is maybe as close to a tear jerker as this band will get...simply gorgeous. Mosshart's vocals take you to a circuit of stadiums and makes you feel what she feels while the band plays you it like they were born to do it, because they probably were.

    This album is not without its flaws, but art itself is the celebration of flaws as well as success. This album is not unaware that hard rock and roll is no longer hip. It stops very short from being a theatrical and comical all out, lung ripping thing. But not before it totally blows down all your doors, fires on all cylinders and musically kicks you in the mouth the way you like it. Every second of this album is exciting, emotional and enjoyable. It's a one of a kind instant classic, and the world thanks Dead Weather for this.

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