Chance The Rapper Tackles A Kanye Classic
    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2015

    • Posted by: Frankie McSweeny-Glynn

    Chance The Rapper performed at Summer Ends Festival this past weekend, and he used the performance to pay homage to some of his influences: Kanye West and his daughter. Chance covered Kanye's "Family Business," but he put his own twist on it. Chance's version is more laidback and mellow, and he keeps the performance balanced between a relaxed, jazzy jam session and in your face, intense verses. Chance really makes it his own, by adding his own lyrics and closing out the song by mentioning his daughter, singing "used to be Chance The Rapper, now I'm Chance The Daddy." It's a really sweet way to pay tribute to two of his biggest influences while still staying true to his sound.

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