CHVRCHES The Bones of What You Believe
    • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2013

    • Posted by: Cassedy Banks

    Glasgow's electro-pop trio CHVRCHES released their highly anticipated debut album The Bones of What You Believe last week, and I've been playing it on repeat ever since. With Mayberry's angelic voice singing over 80s-inspired keyboard and synth, this trio puts out electronic dance songs that are redefining pop today.

    With Mumford and Sons' recent hiatus announcement, perhaps there's a new age of music on the horizon, and it's pushing overdone familiar folk out the door. With no string instruments, but powerful nonetheless, CHVRCHES has created a progressive sound that could be the face of this new generation of music.

    The twelve tracks on The Bones of What You Believe are upbeat and unique, making a dynamic album that's fitting for working out ("We Sink"), going out ("Lies"), or even recovering from a hangover ("You Caught the Light"). The opening track is the popular "The Mother We Share," which can easily be the most addictive on the album. Other songs like "Gun," "Recover," and "Tether" have the dance beats and synth-driven hooks that show the band's Depeche Mode and Prince influences. But what sets the trio apart is that they push every element - vocals, lyrics and instrumentation - to its fullest. For example, "By the Throat" features an intense electronic rhythm, with Mayberry and instrumentalist Doherty sharing vocals, and a catchy, dreamlike chorus, making it a dramatic song that's easy to get lost in. Mayberry, too, claims it to be her favorite song, stating, "I think it probably represents for me where the band is at best, the sounds and the lyrics and the production feels to me, the most CHVRCHES song on it."

    Watch CHVRCHES perform songs off their debut album live at Hype Hotel, exclusively on Baeble:

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    With only a few songs staying safe due to the lack of Mayberry's distinctive voice, the album remains impressive with a perfect balance between the layered beats and vocals. Other standouts on the record include the keyboard-heavy "Recover" and the spacey yet forceful "Lungs."

    CHVRCHES' debut album was self-produced and therefore full of "creative freedom," says Mayberry, and this quality is evident throughout. What the Scottish band brings is a unique pop-electronica created with vintage synths, post-punk beats, and an unrestrained edge that differentiates the band from its growing number of peers.

    The Bones of What You Believe is now available, get your copy here

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