Introducing: Admiral Fallow
    • MONDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2012

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    After playing together for about six years, Scottish band Admiral Fallow are finally here to embark on their first full tour of the States. A folky sort of band, they are often compared to Mumford & Sons, because people always have to have some sort of comparison to start off with. Couldn't hurt though, right?

    Admiral Fallow, however, are not Mumford and Sons, and are wonderfully original in their material. They just released their second album, Tree Bursts in Snow, the follow up to Boots Met My Face. Unlike their first album, front man Louis Abbott says he pulled from outside inspirations to write this album, rather than using his own personal experiences.

    So, with a new season upon us, it's time for some new music. Admiral Fallow is a band certainly worth checking out. Before heading out to see them on their tour, start with their video for "The Paper Trench":

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