t.g.i. mixtape 79 curated by of montreal's davey pierce
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2010

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    This week's guest, Davey Pierce, is a member of the eclectic rock act of Montreal. He also works under the guise of Yip Deceiver his side-project. It makes sense that such a prolific musician would also have such a varied mixtape... touching on hip-hop, old surf-rock, hipster-kid dance parties, and even Motown. A playlist after my own terribly indecisive heart. -joe puglisi

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    1. "Stuck On Broke" - BLCTXT (Ft. Life the Great) - Acknowledgment

    I randomly met BLCTXT in the Atlanta airport when I missed my flight and he is quickly becoming on of my favorite rappers. He is a perfect example of the limitless talent ATL has to offer.

    2. "All My Friends" - LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver

    LCD Soundsystem has been a huge influence on me since the first time I heard them and this song has always been one of my favorites, It's so beautiful and simple and undeniable.

    3. "If I Could Build My Whole World Around You" - Marvin Gaye - Number 1's

    This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, it makes happy every time I hear it.

    4. "Dear John" - Loney, Dear - Dear John

    I had the pleasure of touring with Loney, Dear a couple of years ago and I was completely blown away. buy everything, you won't be disappointed.

    5. "Det Snurrar I Min Skalle" - Familjen - Det Snurrar I Min Skalle

    A friend showed this to me a couple of years ago and I loved it. I actually just recently rediscovered it in the depths of a box of cds. He hails from sweden and I guess never really made it over here, which is too bad because he's great.

    6. "Reasons" - Built To Spill - There's Nothing Wrong With Love

    This is my go to song to when I can't decide what to listen to.

    7. "Into The Shadows Of My Embrace" - WHY? - Eskimo Snow

    I first listened to why? After reading the worst review possible for their album "Alopecia". I just figured "there's no way anyone is that bad", and I was right, it wasn't bad at all. in fact it rules. this track is from their newest record, Eskimo Snow, which also rules.

    8. "O' Katrina!" - The Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil

    Great song from a great band who may or may not be pretty bad at basketball. Possibly. Maybe.

    9. "If We Can Land A Man On The Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart" - Beulah - When Your Heartstrings Break

    When I first came across this I was in the decline of a very long punk phase and it was so refreshing to hear. No loud guitars or screamy angry dudes, just honest, pretty pop music.

    10. "Animal" - Miike Snow - Miike Snow

    Such an awesome song, I cant stop listening to this record.

    -Davey Pierce

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