radiohead contributing to score for new edward norton film
    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2010

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    The soon to be released John Curran film, Stone, will apparently feature musical contributions from Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke. A recent Variety article featured the film's star Ed Norton discussing many its details including his friendship with members of Radiohead and how they ended up helping with the project. Norton was quoted saying:

    "given the spiritual ties in this film, I started talking to him about this idea: 'What would you use to record this divine-like tuning sound? And he and Thom (Yorke) had been playing a lot of weird ambient stuff at the time and so, amazingly, they just unloaded tons and tons of files to us of these sound experiments that they had been doing. We just listened to them in awe until John (Curran) eventually got John O'Brien to come in and see what he could make of it.

    The span or scope of Yorke and Greenwood's contribution is currently unknown. It could be full tracks or it could be just some Radiohead-esque ideas being thrown into the score. We're going to have to wait until the film comes out on October 8th to find out any answers. Until then check out the trailer. -brendan mehan

    Trailer for Stone.

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    Trailer for Stone
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