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    • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2010

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    Best Coast and Male Bonding occupy two very different aesthetics, despite being somewhat similar in the reverberated vocals department. Despite some seriously artsy (read: dark) lighting, we have some pictures from last night's show at Music Hall Of Williamburg.

    Male Bonding, a trio, elicit memories of early Blink 182 with British accents... loud, rambunctious, and completely illiterate. This is a great thing. The songs are kind of effervescent, letting their distortion evaporate with a flick of the wrist and a turn of the hair. It's a live show. The fun factor on these guys was pretty high, they energizer-bunny'ed the sh*t out of the place. They have an album out now on Sub Pop called Nothing Hurts.

    Then Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno took the stage, with their new ex-Vivian Girl drummer Ali Khoeler. Bruno, who looks like he should be playing Slayer covers, is hysterical as the mute sidekick to Cosentino's drug-addled surf-rock, but it was clear that an extended knowledge of the tunes fueled most of the insane dancing of Best Coast's generally static live sound. Two chicks were losing their minds in the front, until one of them literally jumped onto the stage to dance (she is in the pictures), and when she did, Cosentino gave it a little smile, later remarking something like: "they are from Germany? Ah whatever". Yeah, good metaphor for the whole set.

    Snacks, the second most infamous cat in music was mentioned a few times. He is featured prominently on the cover of Best Coast's Crazy For You, which some people loved more than Joe others.

    All in all, a fun evening. The difference between familiarity and discovery often makes a show for me, so it was nice to see a second billing band like Male Bonding bring it harder than a bunch of stoners who write songs about laziness and boys. Either way, Music Hall emptied out a satisfied crowd. -joe puglisi

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