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    • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2009

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    Photos By Josh Cacopardo

    There's no better way to break from a major national tour than to headline a CD release party in your hometown. Such is the blessing bestowed upon Jupiter One who recently graced the people of Brooklyn, NY at Music Hall of Williamsburg with tunes both new and old just days after beginning a two-month long tour opening for Regina Spektor, rendering their timing immaculate to say the least.

    Timing, though, is only a part of the battle. While Jupiter One undoubtedly nailed every song they played, only their old tracks were met with warm enthusiasm, the new material leaving fans wondering if this is actually the band they set out to hear. Indeed, the crowd size alone was enough to throw into question where the band currently stands in terms of sustainable success. With that in mind, Jupiter One still packs enough potential to tantalize a curious audience at least for the length of the Spektor tour. Perhaps all they really need to do is to stick with an earlier time slot. Of course, if wouldn't hurt to put Mocha back on the keys.-josh cacopardo

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    Pictures: Jupiter One At Music Hall Of Williamsburg
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