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    • WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2008

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    photos by Chris Gayomali.

    There was a bit of irony that went down on Monday at NYC's most carnivalistic of venues, Spiegelworld. The magnificent, wood and canvas tent that sits oh so awesomely on Pier 17's derives its' name from a Dutch word meaning mirror tent; an appropriate reference as it's a place plump full of plenty of aesthetic allusion and deception. But The Dodos, the band who sold out the venue, are none of that. Theirs' is a craft that offers absolutely nothing to hide behind. Theirs' is a brand of boozy, electric roots that's elemental, yet completely unique unto them.

    Combining Meric Long's whiplash strokes on a couple of visibly bullied, acoustic guitars, Logan Kroeber's explosive barrage of stout and strong percussive rhythms - themselves bashed out on drums that most closely resemble a set of marching quads, and newcomer Joe Haener's ornamental fills of swelling vibraphone (plus the occasion thwack! on a metal garbage can), The Dodos set power and pulse to Long's beseeching vocal melodies. The results are powerhouse highlights like "Red and Purple", "Fools", and "Jodi".

    This morning we're counting our lucky stars that we were there, cameras in hand, on Monday. Stay tuned to the site in the next few weeks as we prepare to bring you the incredible evidence of the evening that was. david pitz

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