Trump Skipped Out On Kendrick Lamar's Halftime Show, But You Can Relive It Here
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 09, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    Last night was one of those rare occasions when three distinct sections of society overlapped in an event that had everyone talking, and for multiple different reasons.
    College football officially wrapped up its season last night, with the championship game between The University of Georgia and The University of Alabama taking place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. For football fans, and sports fans in general, it was the pinnacle moment to a long and exciting season of college football. It was also a big occasion for music fans, as we were treated to Kendrick Lamar's halftime performance to end all halftime performances. I mean, I'm not talking trash about anyone, but how did Kendrick Lamar end up at the CFB Championship game while the Super Bowl gets stuck with Justin Timberlake, again.

    But there was a third notable piece to last night's puzzle, and that is Donald Trump. Yes the POTUS decided to attend the game last night, but to the chagrin of football fans and music fans and basically any person anywhere, he had to be a diva and make the event all about him. For one, there was some controversy over whether or not Trump and Lamar would acknowledge each other's presence, and if words would flair up, but Lamar kept it civil and didn't say anything, while Trump acted like a baby and Mike Pence by leaving at half time. I mean, who does that? For one, who wastes taxpayer dollars like that, and two and three, who skips out on the second half of a thrilling championship game AND a live performance by Kendrick Lamar?

    Either way, Kendrick nearly stole the show from all the parties involved last night, and you can see in the video why. Kendrick was electric, performing "DNA", "Humble", "Element" and his new track "All The Stars", minus SZA. Trump's loss for missing out on that.

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