Kanye West's Movie 'Honor Up' Gets Its First Trailer And Release Date, Several Years Later
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 09, 2018

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    The first trailer for the film Honor Up is here, and if you like excessive shootouts then this is the movie for you. With Kanye West at the helm as executive producer, the film stars famed music producer Dame Dash in an acting role, alongside Cam'ron, Stacy Dash and Murda Mook. Given the lineup and persons involved, the story is fittingly set in Harlem, as Dash, Cam'ron and company all come from the streets of NYC.

    The film follows Dash's character who is caught in a struggle between his dedication to his family and his honor to the code of the streets. You probably wouldn't gather any of that from the trailer, which is mostly a smorgasbord of people shooting each other, but underneath the sounds of gunfire is apparently a script and a storyline. The film is slated to release in February, so it won't conflict with 50 Cent's Den of Thieves, though given 50's success, or lack thereof, with the film industry, Den of Thieves might just tank on its own, competition or no competition.

    Honor Up was originally supposed to be released in 2015, but was postponed for various reasons, so we'll have to see if it was worth the wait. It's Kanye's first foray into film production, and I'm a little curious just how much involvement West had with the whole production process. There's also no word yet if Kanye makes a cameo in the film, but I can't imagine he would pass up the opportunity for one.

    Honor Up is out February 16.

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