We Get It U2, You're Good at Concerts
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    So U2 is going to be playing at Bonnaroo. And they're going to embark on a world tour in support of the 30th Anniversary of The Joshua Tree. And they're going to make a lot of money. Like that's fine, but they need to stop rubbing it in so much. Like, we get it, U2. You're really good at concerts. You create magical and unique experiences with every tour you embark on, U2. And why does Bono even wear those glasses all the time?

    I mean look at this performance.

    Who does Bono even think he is? Taking someone on stage and mesmerizing the whole audience when he lets out that passionate scream on "With Or Without You"? While lovingly holding that woman next to him while he did it? Come on. Like, we get it, you gave her a night of her life that she won't ever forget and really brought out the emotion in the song. Yeah, yeah, ok, sure.

    And what is even this show?

    What's up these giant TVs in the background that added a whole new layer of atmosphere and intrigue to the songs that were being played? Don't you guys know that wastes a lot of electricity? Trees died for that stage. Yeah, yeah, passionate performance, and the band sounding incredibly tight and whatever, but we got to try to save the earth, U2.

    And like that whole 360 tour thing? Like come on. Just keep rubbing all of your awesomeness in our face.

    Look at all those people in that in that perfectly circular stadium that have been loyal fans for almost their whole lives. Come on. Like, leave some for the rest of us. And that stage that all of them were looking at? What even was that? Making a 360 degree stage that has a microphone that literally drops from the sky with a professional lighting crew that engineered the lights to perfectly fit the songs you were playing? Just chill out, U2. Like, who was even watching that highest grossing show of all time?

    The nerve of these people, giving their fans their money's worth at their concerts for the 30+ years of their career? Like, who out of your millions of diehard fans are even watching you on that meticulously crafted stage? We get it, U2, you're good - no, GREAT - at concerts...

    So where can I get tickets for this Joshua Tree World Tour again?

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