Is Singing on That Kygo Song Really Beneficial For Your Young Solo Career?
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "Stay" by Kygo featuring Maty Noyes was a hit, but does anyone know that Maty Noyes dropped her debut EP last year? And "Setting Fires" by The Chainsmokers featuring XYLØ was another smash, but does anyone know that XYLØ released their own EP that same year? Everyone loves DJ Snake's "You Know You Like It," but no one really knows who AlunaGeorge is when they see her on a festival lineup... Kiesza and Diplo's collab on "Take U There" is hot, but after that and Kiesza's solo hit "Hideaway," she kind of flopped.

    One of the only singers that found some success, not just during the dance hit, but after, was MØ. Even though she is still active making a name for herself, let's not pretend that we don't refer to her as "The 'Lean On' girl." Her identity also comes off as a bit inauthentic, because if you look at one of her first songs before "Lean On," like "Waste of Time," you can hear that there's a much more indie singer-songwriter vibe. It seems as if she saw how successful the Major Lazer/DJ Snake collab was and is trying to recreate it, in essence, riding her own coattails.

    But that's the thing: "Lean On" is not one of those songs you can recreate. Usually when a dance single like that comes out, it makes such an enormous impact because it's so good. It has that one hook you need to grab people by the ears and make them listen. The drop in "Lean On" was mind-blowing when it first came out because of the unique sounds it used and the cultural rhythms it contained. It was unforgettable - but everything after that seemed like a cheap rip off. MØ's singles like "Final Song" and "Drum" were all fine, but the style of "Lean On" that was once so unique was now being beaten to death - recycled over and over again tirelessly with these songs. At first it was different, then everything that came after felt like carbon copies, which is why they felt a little flat. Sure, MØ is still a fun and talented artist, but "Drum" won't stick with us the way that "Lean On" did.

    Another singer who's been hit with the "one hook wonder" blues is Maty Noyes, who after collaborating with producer Kygo on their song "Stay," dropped her own EP entitled Noyes Complaint. Now of course, this is the very beginning of her career, so saying it's over would be an enormous exaggeration, but the difference in response to "Stay" versus her EP was... Drastic. With this song in particular, it's a pretty specific genre, even though it may sound like a typical dance song to some on the surface. Kygo is famous for his tropical house style, and if you check out the comment section on any of his Youtube videos, you'll find that his fans are pretty damn serious about it. A lot of the people listening are just there for Kygo and his genre. That same demographic doesn't apply to Noyes - a bubblegum pop vocalist. Plus, like most of these other singers, her career is just starting out. Is starring on a huge song with someone else's name on it really the smartest way to start your own career?

    Another factor is today's big argument of "singles vs. albums." Sometimes people don't give a shit about either of the artists, they just listen to the meticulously curated collaborations put together by labels and shoved down listeners' ears via radio and streaming. They never care enough to go look up the singers' previous or upcoming work, they just want to hear that one chorus they jam to in the shower every day. People used to listen to albums, learning about the artist naturally along the way, but now we live in a singles world, and a lot of people have too much musical ADD to go look up who sang their favorite song.

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