David Bowie Releases New EP and Video From Beyond, Our Theories Might Be Wrong
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    To celebrate David Bowie's 70th birthday, a surprise EP and video was released from the legend who passed away one year ago. Blackstar, the album he released last year just days before his passing, was eerie enough on its own, then even more eerie once given the context. But now, with No Plan, he has taken it to a whole new level of mind f*ck.

    All of these songs were written and recorded in the same session as Blackstar, so they have a similar dark and jazzy vibe. "Lazarus" is repackaged along with three new tracks, "No Plan," "Killing a Little Time," and "When I Met You." On all of these songs, you'll hear a lot of frantic drums, electrifying guitar, and of course, sax. "Killing a Little Time" has a slightly aggressive feel while "When I Met You" goes back to his more straight rock sound, a little lighter and raw. However, they all blend really well together with the obvious theatrical connection. The video for the title track, like the music, is spooky. Several fuzzy TV screens sit inside a store window as people watch them display words and distorted images, one of the last images being an object/person soaring through space. Starman, is that you?

    Naturally, this is tugging at our heartstrings - anything released from Bowie from now on will give us chills. But the idea that we've all believed - that Bowie created all of this because he knew he was dying - might not be true. According to The Guardian, a documentary marking the anniversary of his death suggests that Bowie didn't know he was dying during the recording process. The new documentary, by Francis Whately, continues a narrative from his previous Bowie documentary for the BBC, David Bowie: Five Years. It could've possibly been that Bowie just wanted to make a simple, straight-forward video, and with the lyrics "Look up here, I'm in heaven," it only makes sense that he'd sing from a hospital bed. Although we don't know (and may never really know) what's true and what's not, it's pretty interesting.

    Either way, Bowie is continuing to deliver from the grave, and his art will live on forever.

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