Childish Gambino Has Scary Game In New Video For 'Sober'
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 09, 2015

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Funny guy Donald Glover turned fresh and smooth rapper Childish Gambino has gone a head an blended his dual identities in the video for "Sober," released today.

    A delirious Gambino can't keep his eyes off the cute on the other side of the diner. From a ballsy booth exchange, to a bold declaration, strange game is just getting off the ground. It's not long before a magician's pigeon (no doves in the real world) flies from his jacket and leaves a hollow egg. At this point, he's got her attention, and to be fair theres no one better qualified than the Because The Internet to compete with a smart phone for a woman's attention. It's the message inside, probably mixed with Gambino's crazy eyes that turn her amused attention into awkward concern.

    Watch Gambino high as hell (possibly on life, but probably not) in the video for "Sober," below:

    Check out our session with Gambino at Rockwood Music Hall below:

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