Keaton Henson Lures With Anguish In 'Lying To You'
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 09, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    What's so compelling about melancholic music? Hearing an artist dive into the depths of his/her emotions triggers something in most, if not all of us, where for three minutes, we feel a conscious connection to the musician. A particular artist who lives by this solemn bond with his listeners is Keaton Henson. Last year, we interviewed Henson, and the he answered all of our questions via hand-drawn images. He's quickly become our favorite introverted artist.

    Henson is gearing up for the release of his sophomore LP, Birthdays (2/25), and has shared a stream of the single, "Lying To You," in its honor. The new album features members of Alberta Cross, Band of Horses, The Raveonettes, and Pearl Jam. Listen below:

    After suffering extreme anxiety, Keaton Henson is stepping out from the shadows to perform sold out U.K. shows. We can only hope he continues to overcome his reclusiveness to make a few U.S. appearances.

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