Single Serving: Snowmine's Orchestral Arrival In 'Columbus'
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Sara Salaway

    Brooklyn based Snowmine released their single "Columbus" to gear up for their full release of Dialects, their sophomore album, due out February 4th. Their sound is a bit of Fleet Foxes meets Local Natives with ethereal reverb that mellows out any bad day along with romanticized lyrics like, "All this time when you read my mind/You read my mind/All those thoughts that I knew you'd find/I hid between the lines."

    The band features Grayson Sanders, Austin Mendenhall, Alex Beckmann, Jay Goodman and Calvin Pia. For Dialects, they decided not to use any electronic equipment leaving them with a bunch of friends contributing orchestral sounds and choral vocals, which is big risk for a band to take, but proves itself as a it provides a much more matured feel than their previous album Laminate Pet Animal. The new album takes one step away from poppy and stagnant and moves in the direction of basic, yet grand orchestration with a more folky feel. Listen to "Columbus" below.

    Watch Snowmine perform at our Launch Pad party back in 2012.

    Watch the full video at

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