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    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 08, 2010

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    New year, new day, and a whole new set of mixtape pictures! Mix[tape dispenser]. Get it? You get it. Joe Humor! My New Years Resolution was to make you all laugh twice as much! Even if its at me, and not with me, because laughter is the best medicine! And I will need medicine after you murder me.

    But hey, we've got plenty to be happy about! Not to mention a handful of smashing new songs to soak up while rejoicing that the first full work week of the year is DEAD. Now you can go back to your dance-caves and watch television or whatever you do, escaping the real world for a few hours, maybe play some tobaggon if you live in a snowy place, or make a barbecue if you are from Miami. You know, domestic stuff.

    And we've got songs from all over the world to keep any climate bumping for the next 72 hours! Put on your dancing shoes and have a great Friday! Just remember Monday comes around a lot quicker now that you have to wear pants more than once a week (RIP Holiday season). Gettin' jiggy with it! -joe puglisi

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    1. "Psychic Chasms" - Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms

    Neon Indian is a really nice guy by the way. He also writes some pretty sick computerized space jams, so check out the title track from his LP, Psychic Chasms and groove to the mellow beat smith's handiwork.

    2. "T-Shirts" - Still Life Still - Girls Come Too

    Honestly, it is cruel and unusual punishment to force upon us a song of such catchiness with such NSFW lyricism. Still Life Still rocked the Guest Apartment with this song and we're were simultaneously stunned and happy (that there were no children around). Seriously though I dare you to listen and NOT find yourself singing it on the street while walking home. I almost got mugged because of this song. It's LOVE.

    3. "Audition Day" - Oh Land - Fauna

    This week I discovered yet another imported singer/songwriter of the Swede/Dane/Fin persuasion... Oh Land, an impeccable combination of a wonderful talent and some crazy, quirky background stuff. Her beats are Bjork-ish, but her melodies are heavily accessible pop (i.e. sans screeching); making her a formidable foe to the current line-up of orchestral innovators from the 'lands (and 'marks and such). Her album is out over seas but rumor has it a state-side debut will be surfacing soon... with some big players behind it. Stay tuned.

    4. "Cousins" - Vampire Weekend - Odd Blood

    You know these guys. After scanning Contra, I'm pretty sure this is the top of the new songs pile for me. The late-night play choice, "Cousins" has the frenetic energy and wacky aesthetic that makes these guys lovable (as opposed to insufferable). I also like "California English" but this is much more exciting, and we're getting excited here!

    5. "O.N.E." - Yeasayer - Odd Blood

    My (current) favorite Odd Blood cut, "O.N.E." Not much to say about the record that I haven't already hinted at; its amazing, and it gets better with every listen. I only hope the recorded version of this frequently played song stuns everyone into action and anticipation... "O.N.E." is full of delicious hooking, joyful bleeps, and futuristic pop sensibility. It's 2010 you guys, this is what we should be listening to.

    6. "Watchu Say" - The Knux - F*ck You EP

    It is no mystery I'm having a love affair with the rap duo known as The Knuckleheads. Their exciting EP contained an incredible spread of styles and angles, but the one that spoke to me was this reworking of a familiar sample, not to mention the distinct flow of the lyrics. These guys are the new poets of the game, spinning a great beat to boot.

    7. "Norway" - Beach House - Teen Dream

    I know I make a lot of jokes about Beach House being Grizzly Bear Jr. and stuff, but their beautiful take on instrumentally driven pop is quite spectacular, especially considering the Veckatimest train of thought. While the "sparkle-eyed star-scape" may not be for everyone, especially people who like their music hard and fast (TWSS?), its charming and relaxing in a way that benefits your aura and your ears. Close your eyes for a second and take a deep breath.

    8. "Empty Hall Sing Along" - Woodpigeon - Die Stadt Muzikanten

    The pretty pop of Woodpigeon has been making a splash, ever since Die Stadt Muzikanten dropped last November. Mark Hamilton had a very specific aesthetic in mind for Woodpigeon, related to the mating habits bowerbirds; creating a "lovenest," an intricate arrangement of sticks and berries. The music is haunting and reverberated, not to mention complex like a giant forest of creatures running back and forth, calling out to each other... an ecosystem of motifs.

    9. "Heart Of My Own" - Basia Bulat - Heart Of My Own

    This is a track of off Basia's second album, due for an early 2010 release. If you haven't heard the name yet, get on the bandwagon...The Canadian singer-songwriter was on the shortlist for the Polaris prize in 2008 and has garnered plenty of critical acclaim/love for her neo-folk constructions. This includes love from us, this track is filled with lifting melodies and banjo, what more could you ask for?

    10. "Blood" - Oh Land - The Recordings of The Middle East

    The Middle East have an interesting, close-harmony obsession that colors their music with a hard-to-define combination of folk, pop, chamber music, wind chimes, sunshine, and easy listening. The Aussie act is reminiscent of a less bombastic Sigur Ros (and one who speaks English, if not in a funny Outback Steakhouse accent, probably). But enough cultural ignorance, this song is great! The Recordings Of The Middle East is out now, go buy it.

    Until next time. -joe puglisi

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