David Bowie Wants To Give You Nightmares In New Video
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Well, we have our first "Music Video of the Year" contender from 2016 precisely one week into the new year. Thanks, David Bowie. We know we can always count on you. The Thin White Duke drops his latest record, Blackstar, tomorrow and the reviews have been ecstatic which shouldn't be any surprise if you heard the album's two singles, the title track and "Lazarus." We're getting weird Bowie again (aka the Bowie that is the most exciting and unpredictable) and that particular Bowie is back in full effect on the highly unsettling video for "Lazarus."

    We've written plenty now about the track itself which we're going to refer to now as "art noir" (avant-garde jazz with just a hint of post-punk guitar rumblings), and the video matches that with a minimalist but eerie tableaux of David Bowie strapped to a hospital bed, blindfolded with buttons covering his eyes as well as brief moments of Bowie engaging in jittering, almost schizophrenic dance moves. And then there's his neighbor under the bed. It's all got a super Lynch-ian vibe, and considering Bowie has made a trip to the Black Lodge in Fire Walk With Me, we can all get behind that.

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