Now Playing: Royal Canoe
    • TUESDAY, JANUARY 07, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    What we have here is inventive, somewhat schizophrenic, yet undoubtedly upbeat and fun. Royal Canoe are a wiley synth-pop pop outfit from Winnipeg Canada, in NYC last Fall to warm things up for their pals Rubblebucket on their most recent tour.

    On stage performing songs from their recent album, Today We're Believers (Roll Call Records), the band take a really tight set of synth songs and imagine how they can distort the living hell out of them; a rush of crackling guitar effects here, a heap of industrialized vocal treatment there, and, hey while we're at it, let's just deconstruct the drums. It's twisted stuff, like they've run their songs through a weed wacker, spraying the audience with all the scrumptious remnants. But elements of the pristine remain; warm acoustics, pocket strings, playful background vox, and endearing vocal melodies. If you had to peg the sound down, it's probably what would happen if bands like Passion Pit, OK Go, Menomena, and Yeasayer were all competing for the same airtime.

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