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    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 07, 2011

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    Adele has an early hit on her hands with "Rolling In The Deep", that's no mystery. So it makes sense that the remixers will come a calling, but why in the world they let Jamie XX, also known as "the guy who not-so-emphatically presses drum machine buttons" in The XX, take a crack at it?

    Jamie takes the funky track and attempts to dub-step it, by switching up the beat and crunching Adele's voice into different octaves and pieces of her vocal lines.

    Honestly, the riskier changes seem ill-advised, while the best parts of the remix are the ones that retain the original elements and feel of the single. Today's lesson: if it's already at awesome capacity, don't try and change it, especially if you're the most boring part of an already boring band. Rolling in the SNOREEEE. The end.

    The good news is, the real deal, Adele's highly anticipated 21 is out 1/24 in the UK and 2/22 in the US. Get psyched! -joe puglisi

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