Tom Odell Turns His Insecurities into a Chilling Performance
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Sometimes simplicity is key. British singer-songwriter Tom Odell proves this with his latest video for "Jealousy," off of Wrong Crowd. As he sits in the darkness, never letting us see his face as a whole, with nothing but a lamp, a piano, and his voice, the song itself finally has room to shine. His vibrato along with his little flourishes on the piano is enough to send chills down the spine, but then the lyrics about insecurity intensify everything, bringing the personal performance to a whole new level,"Cause I never believed from the day that I met you, a loser like me could ever get you / When we go out I hear people saying, 'what's that beautiful girl doing with him.'" Odell shamelessly spilling his guts and the authentic environment make for not just a touching visual, but a touching and deeply personal experience.

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