Lettuce and Jaw Gems Brought Funky Grooves to Brooklyn Bowl
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    If you want some funky flavors in your life - go see Lettuce perform live. On Wednesday night, Lettuce performed at the Brooklyn Bowl with opener Jaw Gems for the second sold-out night in a row and things got pretty funky.

    Portland, Maine-based band, Jaw Gems, opened up the night with some tunes unlike anything I've heard before. It was hard to pinpoint what I was hearing but I was totally diggin' it from start to finish. It was a special blend of hip-hop, jazz, electronic, rock and a whole lot of funk and feel-good beats. Jaw Gems puts on such a dreamy live set. I could've gotten lost in their music as they weaved through the songs from their newest album, HEATWEAVER, some highlights being "Sap Flow" and "Ohio."

    Jaw Gem Brooklyn Bowl

    Lettuce is a big ol' funk band that was formed in Boston, Massachusetts - but they're now based out of Brooklyn - and they truly keep the funk alive while blending genres like blues, rock and soul. They're an eight-piece powerhouse funk band that started making music together almost 25 years ago, which is totally obvious from the chemistry they have with each other onstage. They're like one, big happy family jamming and laughing together in front of a bunch of strangers - yet, they make you feel involved like you're one of them.

    lettuce Brooklyn Bowl

    I was blown away by the amount of people who came out on the second night of their back-to-back shows. I've never seen the Brooklyn Bowl so packed. People were spilling out past the bar to watch the hometown heroes jam the night away. As soon as the psychedelic introduction began and the instruments were blaring, the crowd was dancing all over the venue. Lettuce truly knows how to put their fans in a funkadelic haze between with the subtle light show, the groove that flowed out of every one of the instruments and how they all blended so effortlessly together.

    Even when Lettuce slowed things down a bit, they kept a consistent rhythm to keep the crowd moving. Lettuce fans took things up a notch when the band played tracks off their new EP Mt. Crushmore. Some highlights were "Elephant Walk" and "116th St.", two songs that made it very clear that the members of Lettuce are seasoned funk veterans. But the crowd really went wild when they weaved in songs from 2015s Crush such as "The Force" and, of course, "Phyllis" - a crowd favorite.

    It brings a whole different vibe to shows when a band has been together as long as Lettuce. Not only do they put on one hell of a show, but their infectious energy and love they have towards each other are translated when they perform live and it makes for one ridiculously fun show. Over two decades together as a band and they show no signs of slowing down yet.

    Jaw Gem Brooklyn Bowl

    Jaw Gem Brooklyn Bowl

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