Connecting The Netflix Original Series 'The OA' and The Batmanglij Brothers
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    Most of us know Rostam Batmanglij from his role as a band member/producer for Vampire Weekend or Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, but those aren't the only contributions he has made. A pretty amazing connection is actually that he composed the soundtrack for the brand new Netflix series The OA, which was also created by his brother, Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling.

    While it's an interesting connection to begin with, this is not the only project that these two have worked on together. Back in 2011, while Rostam was still in Vampire Weekend, he worked With Zal on the soundtrack for his movie Sound of My Voice, in which he composed a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to compliment the creepy psychological vibe the movie was living in. One of the more significant tracks on there, "You're Still My Baby," which he composed for Libby Gery, perfectly encapsulates the vibe.

    The sounds he provides on The OA capture the very essence of the show in the same way, too. With this beautiful work so far, I'm excited to see where the Batmanglij brothers go in the future and what The OA is going to look like musically as Rostam continues to evolve as a composer and producer.

    And it looks like Rostam isn't the only indie artist involved in the show, as Sharon Van Etten has a part in it as well, but as an on-screen actress. And it was her first real acting job ever. "Going from being in a band, to college, to now I'm going to be an actress? [I thought], This seems pretty ridiculous. But I read the part I was going to read for the audition, and it was eerily close to my own life," Etten told MTV in a recent interview. Which of our favorite artists is next to join Season 2?

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