Jack White Shares Blistering Single From Pre White Stripes Band
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 06, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    One of the ugly truths about big box sets where bands include a bunch of demos and early versions of songs is that those versions usually aren't half as good as what actually wound up on the record. There's a reason the version we hear is the one that gets released. The bands have worked all of the kinks out of the track. There's a reason nobody cared for the Montage of Heck "soundtrack" album. Kurt Cobain probably would have lost his mind if people had heard tracks that rough and unpolished. Apparently, Jack White never had that problem.

    Jack White is releasing a big box set of his early work and early bands through Third Man Records, and today, Third Man Records shared a performance from one of White's early acts, Two Star Tabernacle (not surprised that name never caught on), called "Itchy." And it is surprisingly really good. It's a blistering bit of noise rock/rockabilly, and hearing them introduced and the MC referring to Jack Whtie as Jackson White is gold. Dig the performance below.

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