See Grizzly Bear's Pre-Hiatus Sydney Set
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 06, 2014

    • Posted by: Sara Salaway

    Everyone knew the day would come when Grizzly Bear would take a long needed break. On January 5th at the Sydney Opera House, Grizzly Bear performed their last show for a long time. The band—now seasoned, ripened, and consumed—will always be attached to our heart strings, so as bittersweet as their hiatus is, it almost seems natural for Grizzly Bear as they move on in other directions with solo projects including Daniel Rossen's first solo tour beginning this January.

    Aside from Rossen's focus on his solo endeavors, the band members have had to see increasingly less of their homes and families while touring and promoting Shields, and just like the rest of us who are not endowed with the voices of angels, the men of Grizzly Bear do get homesick, too. The band does not have future plans for an album besides the fact that they all want one to happen eventually.

    "Speak in Rounds"
    "Sleeping Ute"
    "Little Brother"
    "Yet Again"
    "A Simple Answer"
    "Ready, Able"
    "While You Wait for the Others"
    "On a Neck, On a Spit"
    "What's Wrong"
    "Two Weeks"
    "Half Gate"
    "Sun in Your Eyes"
    "All We Ask" (Acoustic)

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