strokes 4: maybe in march
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 06, 2011

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    Between Twitter, Google News, and the age of information regurgitation it's been said and said again and again quite a few times in the past twenty-four hours. Nikolai Fraiture, also known as the bass player for the somewhat well known rock act The Strokes has pseudo-confirmed the band is shooting for a March release date. Strokes IV as its known by the hype, or Let's Get Paid! as I've been calling it, is one of the most anticipated releases of 2011, despite having no title, no crappy Youtube previews, and most importantly, having Casablancas admitting that they are basically doing it because the label offered them a ludicrous amount of money. But hey, it's a new Strokes album! A band that is so awesome, their press photos only look right in black and white.

    The news originates from a Zane Lowe interview on BBC Radio 1. The most useful quoted bits are on the sound ("Sonically, I feel it's the album which should have been made between Room On Fire and First Impressions Of Earth.") and why we don't have any festival rips of new tracks ("We didn't really want to play anything new because in the age of the internet we didn't want the new songs to be heard in a crappy way.") That's fair. [via.]

    It could be a huge let-down, but we gotta' keep the hope alive. Mainly because The Strokes are just about the coolest f*cking thing we've ever seen. Evidence:

    More "news" to come as the world continues to speculate... -joe puglisi

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