new music video: clytem scanning
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 06, 2011

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    It's important to remember that making music can be a goofy thing, and watching people dance while making music in acceptable lighting with NO LASERS tends to be even goofier (unless you are Thom Yorke). That being said, Clytem Scanning does make a somewhat compelling collection of noises and beats in this video she sent us, and some further digger shows she is a legit recording artist. But visually speaking, "raw" isn't the first word that comes to mind while watching her dance around a well-lit bedroom. French experimental electronic fusion does not mix well with static images of bedrooms and outfit changes.

    We like you Clytem (can we call you Clytem?) but this is dangerously close to "What Not To Do" territory. Fasten your seatbelt! Look both ways before making music videos! But definitely send us an EP, these jams are bumpin'!

    Happy New Year, you video crazy kids. -joe puglisi

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