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    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 06, 2010

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    Full disclosure: I have not listened to any Longwave extensively enough to make comparisons. However, that said, I can detach singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Schiltz from his prior work and take an isolated look at Hurricane Bells; his once-secret solo project. We had Schiltz in the Guest Apartment, and his zeal for documenting his exploits suggested he is a guy who just likes what he is doing, and wants to share it with everyone. When he inexplicably showed up on the New Moon OST, it got my attention; Hurricane Bells was the only name on the soundtrack I didn't recognize, among a collection of favorites (Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear and St. Vincent, BRMC, Thom Yorke, etc). And I really enjoyed his contribution. Unfortunately for fans like me, the album is much more subdued and mellowed than the upbeat, electrified "Monster."

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    MP3: Hurricane Bells - "This Year" (Tonight Is The Ghost)
    Hurricane Bells on Myspace

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