Dirty Projectors Release New Song and Video 'Little Bubble'
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    After teasing us for a little bit, Dirty Projectors are finally out with not only a new song - but a new video, "Little Bubble." The song is off of, according to the press release, Dirty Projectors' "possibly forthcoming but yet-unannounced" next project. Oh, the mysterious anticipation is just putting us at the very edge of our seats!

    The video, directed by David Longstreth’ and longtime collaborator Adam Newport-Berra, features scenic shots of nature, displaying Earth at its most beautiful moments - and most vulnerable. We see large landscapes, yet they feel like small spaces with the way the star is huddled in a ball. It's like he's... in a little bubble. Get it?

    The production is compelling - seemingly sparse on the surface but actually pretty complex. A distraught voice, prominent snare hits, horns, and a wall-shaking bass make for an extremely intricate and detail-oriented piece. Apparently, an album may or may not be confirmed... But if there is one coming out, and we think there is, it's going to be pretty interesting.

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