4 Great Vine Artists to Celebrate
    • THURSDAY, JANUARY 05, 2017

    • Posted by: Matt Guyotte

    So Vine is finally coming to an end. On January 7th, we will be losing our six-second place of wonders and will be replaced with a Vine Camera app that will only post Vines to Twitter. And that's sad, because it was a great platform for both musicians and comedians to emerge, using those six seconds to really show people their personality in a direct way. I want to use this time to celebrate Vine, though, and talk about some of the great artists that emerged from it.

    1. Us the Duo
    These guys are adorable. This style of blues and indie-influenced pop music of Michael and Carissa Alvarado is full of love and honesty. They do a wide range of covers from modern pop songs like Lorde's "Royals" to Willy Wonka to the hottest memes, such as Space Jam. Their humor and compassion shown in their vines propelled them to 5 million followers, and it's definitely well deserved.

    2. Ruth B.

    We actually interviewed Ruth B. back in May, and she was super chill and knew how to capitalize on her overnight success after shooting from 50 to 1,000 after posting a soulful cover of Drake's "Connect." Then, she fully invested herself into her music and it paid off for her beautifully, with her beautiful piano ballads getting a lot of recognition, most evident in her song "Lost Boy" having 41 million views on YouTube.

    3. Kenzie Nimmo

    Along with having an amazing voice and getting beautifully lost in her performances, her Vines allowed Kenzie Nimmo to show off her film-making skills. Because of this, her Vines to stick out from the other singers on Vine through sheer personality. Nimmo also shares her unique videos on her YouTube channel.

    4. Shawn Mendes

    Shawn Mendes is, undoubtedly, the most popular on this list. He's actually doing pretty well for himself after becoming famous from his pop song cover Vines. Blowing up from covering songs like "Summertime Sadness" and "Stay with Me", he has since taken his charisma and melodic voice to create his own music. Like, his original song "Stitches", which has over 700 million views on the music video. Not bad for a Vine star.

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