Billy Corgan Calls Today's Pop Music 'Pornography'
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 05, 2015

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Billy Corgan is an opinionated guy. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and in a recent interview with OI FM ROCK SESSIONS, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman says present day pop music is more pornography than artistic expression.

    "It's pornography. Music, in terms of pop music right now, is basically pornography," he said. "The videos are becoming more pornographic, the story behind the music is becoming more pornographic. Why? Because that the only move pop has, it cant win on a qualitative basis."

    From Nicki Minaj's "Ananconda" to Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez's "Booty," there is some merit to his words, although when you look at hit makers like Meaghan Trainor and boy bands, like One Direction, they have still managed to have massive success while keeping it clean.

    What do you think? You can view the entire interview HERE

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