japanther play riot at big apple circus
    • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 05, 2011

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    Japanther may label themselves as "pop punk", but the unwieldy riot of a crowd at Monday night's Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center decided to drop the polite pop moniker for something more like anarchy. Moshpits in the center ring and rampant disregard for "the man" led to the show being shut down numerous times, and our own former intern getting Tweet-quoted on Brooklyn Vegan this morning.

    "That's what i'm talkin about. Carnage. Total carnage. Up the punks!" -guy smoking inside @japanther show/riot/fail, lincolncenter" - Nina Mashurova

    The Big Apple tent (ground zero for the Rock N' Roll Circus show) is set up in Damrosch Park, which is a part of the Lincoln Center complex. The mess was all over the 11 o'clock news, which leaves us wondering if the older, more modest folks of New York City were confused about why their $25 dollar donation to City Opera was going toward underage kids in leather jackets guzzling beer and punching each other to guitar distortion. America!

    Editors note: Not to be confused with their cousin, Vagina Panther. -joe puglisi

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