dan deacon drops bromst clues
    • MONDAY, JANUARY 05, 2009

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    This sort of thing does little for us except slightly perk our own interest in his upcoming album, but maybe you get a kick out of the subtle clues artists like to tip their audiences off on ahead of new releases. In this case, it's both a track list and an album cover from Dan Deacon's March 24th release Bromst. We've also added a little taste of the record, in the form of a single stream of "Get Older". - David Pitz

    Bromst Tracklisting:
    1. Build Voice
    2. Red F
    3. Paddling Ghost
    4. Snookered
    5. Of the Mountains
    6. Surprise Stefani
    7. Wet Wings
    8. Woof Woof
    9. Slow With Horns / Run for Your Life
    10. Baltihorse
    11. Get Older

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    STREAM: Dan Deacon:: Get Older - Bromst
    Dan Deacon on Myspace

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