News Round-Up
    • FRIDAY, JANUARY 05, 2007

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    Everybody’s working for the weekend, and we know you’re about to go home. Hooray for Fridays! But before you head out, we’ve got a quick highlights reel of music-related news.

    First, the indie suburban kids will have to find a new way of discovering new bands, as The OC has officially been cancelled. The show has been going downhill for a long time – probably since the end of the first season – but they did score some cool points for killing off Mischa Barton. And they always made a point of featuring emerging artists on the show, from The Killers’ performance in the mythical Bait Shop to the stellar soundtracks that orchestrated televised milestones like Barton’s lesbian make-out session. But alas, all those people who tailored their record collections to Seth Cohen’s tastes should look for inspiration elsewhere.

    Second, the Arcade Fire is coming back to New York, with a 5-night residency planned at Judson Church in February. Tickets sold out immediately, and Craigslist has been abuzz with scalpers and hopeful attendees. Join the fray if you’re interested – should be a great show.

    Last, Oasis is looking to make "an absolutely *@#*$ colossal album" when the band hits the studio later this year. NME caught up with Noel Gallagher, AKA the brother who’s not as much of a jerk, and got some expletive-filled details. Fans can expect "a 100-piece orchestra and choirs and all that stuff."

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